Transfer of Ownership


A person who acquires a PCCI registered dog will have to officially transfer the ownership of the dog to his name from the previous owner whose name appears on the front side of the Certified Registration and Pedigree Certificate. This process is called "Transfer of Ownership" and allows for the updating of the records of the PCCI to reflect the name of whoever may be the current owner of the registered dog.

Transfer of ownership is best carried out as soon as the Certified Registration and Pedigree Certificate is provided by the previous owner and all the information necessary for completing the transaction is obtained. There are several advantages to immediate transfer:

a.  Official recognition of dog ownership by the PCCI.  Only the individual whose name appears in the PCCI records as the owner may transact with the PCCI.

b.  The new owner can have the authenticity of the Certified Registration and Pedigree Certificate validated and at the same time may determine the correctness and completeness of information that the previous owner(s) has provided. The shorter intervening period facilitates the settlement with the previous owner should there be questions about the authenticity of the document or the completeness of the information provided.

c.  Penalties due to late transfer are avoided. 

Transfer of Ownership may be carried out under two situations:

Case 1:  Dog is acquired from the person whose name is printed as owner in the Certified Registration and Pedigree Certificate.

If you are the new owner, you will have to do the following to carry out the transfer:

1. Complete the transfer ownership information on the back of the dog's Pedigree Certificate. Here is what needs to be completed:

Section A (Usually accomplished by Breeder/registered owner)

  • Date of Transfer: The date you took physical possession of the dog.
  • Name of New Owner: Your name and address information.
  • Signature of the former/registered owner

Section B

  • Signature of New Owner: Your signature.

2.  Prepare the applicable fees:

  • Transfer of ownership                 PhP 560.00
  • Membership (for non-members)   PHP 878.00 per owner; if new membership is applied for the month of October to December each year, the fee is Php 903.00 (inclusive of advance renewal for the succeeding year.
  • Shipping fee                PhP 150.00

3.   Submit/send the proof of payment together the original Pedigree Certificate. If you are not a PCCI member yet, you also need to send/submit the following:

  • duly-accomplished PCCI membership application;
  • your 1" x 1" or 2" x 2" ID picture for your membership ID;
  • scanned copy or photocopy of your valid ID.
When the required information is received a new certificate will be mailed to you as the new owner.
Case 2. The dog is acquired from a person whose name is different from that which is printed as owner in the Certified Registration and Pedigree Certificate. 
If you acquire your dog from someone whose name is not printed on the front side of the Certified Registration and Pedigree Certificate as an owner of the dog then there is additional information that needs to be provided as compared to the first case above. This is a situation where the person requesting for ownership transfer is not the same person as the one whose name appears in Section B (as given above).
Here are the steps:

1.  Secure a copy of the Supplemental Transfer Statement Form either from the PCCI office or by downloading and printing it from this website.

2.  The person named as the New Owner in Section A of the Certified Registration and Pedigree Certificate must complete Section C of the Supplemental Transfer Statement to transfer the dog to you, the new/latest owner.

3.  You, the latest owner, must complete and sign Section D of the transfer statement in which your name appears in Section D as the "New Owner."
4.  Prepare and submit all the completed documents and pay the applicable fees at the PCCI Office. 
     a.  Transfer of ownership                  PhP 560.00
     b.  Membership( for non-members)    PHP 878.00/owner
     c.  Supplemental Transfer                PHP   48.16
     d.  Shipping fee                              PHP 150.00
The documents and payments may also be sent through local courier companies (preferred way) or through the postal system. Please see this option in the Registration Section.