I lost my Dog's Registration

Lost Registration/Pedigree Certificate

The Certified Registration and Pedigree Certificate issued by the PCCI for each registered dog is considered as the proof of ownership of the dog by the person holding the certificate.  Just like ownership titles or birth certificates, this document should be kept in a secure storage area to minimize loss or damage.

In case of loss, certain steps will have to be taken to rectify the situation.  There are two conditions that may surround the loss of the certificate:  

 a.  It was lost by the registered owner, or

 b.  It was lost by the unregistered owner.

Case 1.  The person who lost the dog's Registration and Pedigree Certificate is listed with the PCCI as the registered owner.

 Below are the steps to be taken to get a duplicate copy:

1.  Secure a copy of the  PCCI Affidavit Form from the PCCI or download it from this website.(Please click here to download)

2.  Fill-up and sign the form and send it to the PCCI office along with your payment for the Duplicate Copy amounting to Php336.00 plus any dues that may not have been paid or updated at the time of the request for the Duplicate Copy.

Case 2.  The person who lost the dog's Registration and Pedigree Certificate is not listed with the PCCI as the registered owner. (The person has not transferred the ownership to his name)

Below are the steps to be taken:

1.  Secure copies of the PCCI Affidavit Form and the Supplemental Transfer Statement Form from the PCCI or by downloading these from this website.

2.  Request the dog's recorded owner (per PCCI records) to fill up the two forms.

Please include the following information:

  • Dog's name, registration number, and breed
  • Recorded owners name, address, and signature

Note:  If the dog's name and registration number are not readily available, you may provide the following information in their place:  

  • Names and registration numbers of the sire and dam, and the breed
  • Date of birth of the litter
  • Recorded owner's name and address

3.  Prepare the applicable fees:

  • Php336.00 processing fee (you can either pay by check or money order made payable to the PCCI.
  • Php 560.00 transfer of ownership
  • Php 48.16 supplemental transfer
  • Membership dues, if membership is not up to date
  • Penalty fees that may apply

4.  Submit the completed documents and the required fees to the PCCI office.  Alternatively, these may also be sent through courier or the postal system. 

When the required information is received a new certificate will be mailed to you as the new owner.

Please remember a duplicate certificate can only be requested by the current owner on PCCI record