Apply for Kennel Name

 An owner of a PCCI registered purebred bitch that has been bred to a PCCI registered sire, and which has produced puppies has the option to have the puppies registered.  One of the requirements for registration by the breeder is for the breeder to have an approved kennel affix, otherwise known as "Kennel Name."  

Only those who are into dog breeding need to apply for a Kennel Name. However, any PCCI member in good standing may apply for a kennel affix anytime. This name is equivalent to the surname in a person's name while the given name of the dog corresponds to a person's first name.  Just like with human beings, dogs that carry the same kennel name are taken as having been bred by the same breeder, or would have the same breeder as a common starting point, or have been produced by the same "house."
The PCCI offers breeders the option to register their kennels as a way to protect the usage of their respective kennel names. The registration process gives the kennel name holder the assurance that the PCCI will not allow any other individual to use the registered kennel name when naming the latter's dogs without the permission of the former. 
Here are the steps in applying for Kennel Name registration:
1.  Secure a Kennel Affix Application Form and the FCI Kennel Application Form from the PCCI or by downloading it from this website.
2.  Fill out the said forms, submit/send it together with the applicable payment to the PCCI office
a.  PCCI Kennel Affix Registration PhP 840.00
b.  FCI Kennel Name (LIFETIME) Php1,000.00
c.  Membership Fees (if not yet a member) Php 878.00
d.  PCCI ID card Php150.00
3.  The Certificates of Kennel Name Registration will be sent to the applicant upon completion. The FCI Kennel Name is valid for lifetime. The PCCI Kennel Name will remain valid for five (5) years after which it will have to be renewed again.