2021-004 Reminder To Prospective Puppy Buyers and Sellers 5/17/2021 click to view
2021-003 Late Litter Registration 4/28/2021 click to view
2020-1118-2 Registration of Additional Puppy in a Registered Litter 11/18/2020 click to view
2020-1021-1 FCI Kennel Name Registration 10/22/2020 click to view
2019-0717-02 Registration Fee of Imported Dogs 7/22/2019 click to view
2019-0305-01 Registration of Dog with Imporper Coat Color 3/15/2019 click to view
2016-0620-03 Increase in registration fees 6/21/2018 click to view
  PCCI informs FCI members & contract partners that GSDF was expelled from PCCI 5/22/2018  click to view 
2018-0306-01 Participation of PCCI member in any dog show not affiliated with the PCCI 3/6/2018   click to view
2017-BR-0517-07 Extended number of characters for the name of the puppies     5/22/2017    click to view
2017-BR-0517-06 Judges Handling Dogs in the show 5/22/2017 click to view
2017-BT-0315-01   Listing of Unregistered Dogs 3/20/2017   click to view 
2017-BR-0315-02   Request for changes of the Dog Information  3/20/2017  click to view 
2017-0920  Decision of the Board re Affiliated Club Dog Shows and Guidelines re Biting Incidents   click to view 
2012-002 German Shepherd Dog Varieties 5/15/2012 click to show