Changing Dogs Registrations


The name that appears on your dog's Certified Registration and Pedigree Certificate is his pedigreed name for life and under no circumstance may this be changed. However, you may give your dog a call name of your choice. This is much like a nickname but this would not appear in the certificate.  

For example, you bought a poodle puppy from a breeder and the name that appears on the Pedigree Certificate that was given to you is as follows:  DOGLOVER's BEST FRIEND  

                    Kennel Name:

                                 DOGLOVER  (The Breeder's registered kennel name and all the puppies

                                                                     produced under  his kennel will bear this prefix)

           Registered Name: 

                                BEST FRIEND  ( The name the Breeder has chosen for your puppy,

                                                         and which your puppy will carry for life)

                    Call Name:  

                                Bantay (The name you have chosen to call your pet but which will not appear in

                                                                               any PCCI document)