Register Your Dog

How to Register Your Dog

Registration is one of the most important pillars in purebred dog development. It ensures the continuing documentation of the efforts of dog breeders to keep the purity of the dog breeds they are working on as well as how specific dogs and/or breeding lines are producing over the years.

Various information pertinent to dog breeding and performance are kept by a registering body such as the PCCI. More specifically, information is collected for each dog which must have its unique registration number that serves as its identification code for as long as the registration database of a registering body exists.

For a breeder, his efforts to produce purebred dogs is documented in a Pedigree Certificate that is issued for every single dog that he registers. This document serves two main purposes:

a. It is like a birth certificate that lists down the date of birth of the dog, its sire and dam, color and specific markings.

b. It shows the genetic lineage or ancestry (four generations in the case of the PCCI) of each dog.

It is the hallmark of every purebred dog as the Pedigree Certificate traces not just its ancestors but more importantly the accomplishments of each dog in its lineage.

The Certified Registration and Pedigree Certificate (the Pedigree Certificate for other Registries abroad) is the official recognition of the PCCI of your dog's place in the purebred dog history. For a breeder, the name you have chosen for registering your puppy (Kennel name and registered name combination) is considered unique and once approved cannot be changed under any circumstance. Please see the Litter Registration Section for more details on naming procedures.

Once properly completed and endorsed to the new owner of the puppy, the Certified Registration and Pedigree Certificate becomes the legal instrument for fully transferring the ownership from the breeder (or previous owner) to the new owner.

A dog may only be registered once with a registering body. For the PCCI, a dog may either be registered by the breeder if locally bred or by the owner if it is imported.

Case 1 - For Philippine-bred dogs

Here are the steps in registering a locally bred dog:

Note: It is assumed that the breeder is already a PCCI member in good standing (no arrears, no suspension/cases) and that the bitch is already under his name. If the dog's ownership has not been transferred yet, please see the section on "Transfer of Ownership" before proceeding to the steps below.

1. Secure and fill up Application for LItter Registration Form. This form is available free of charge from the PCCI office or it may be downloaded from this website. Make sure to have the Owner of the stud dog sign Part 1 of the Application. Please see the section, "Litter Registration" for more detailed discussion.

2. Pay the applicable registration fees:

a. Kennel Name Registration - P840.00

For first time breeders/registrants, a kennel name application must have to be filed and approved. This serves as your breeder identity with the PCCI. The fee is good for 5 years. Please see the " Kennel Name Application" Section for additional details.

b. Litter Registration - P560.00

This is a flat rate regardless of how big the litter size is.

c. Pedigree Certificate - P414.00 per puppy

This fee is for the preparation of the individual Pedigree Certificate that will be issued for each puppy in the litter that you would want to register.

3. Submit the completed application forms and the payment to the PCCI office. Please see the "How to/Location" Section of this website for instructions on how to go to the PCCI office. In case it is not convenient for you to go to the PCCI office, the documents and payments may also be sent thru the following options:

a. Local courier companies. The PCCI prefers to work with LBC.

Please address to Mr. Joselito Rosales, General Manager, Philippine Canine Club, Inc. Rm. A206, Hillcrest Condominium, 1616 E. Rodriguez Sr. Blvd., Corner Hillcrest St., Cubao, Quezon City. Kindly make sure to instruct LBC to deliver the money door-to-door.

b. Philippine Postal System. This takes much longer and has the higher risk of loss than the first option.

The processing of the documents (transit times excluded), if everything is in order, will take no more than two weeks from the date of receipt at the PCCI office. There is also an express lane but this is available only for walk-in registrants.

Case 2 - For Imported Dogs

1. Submit original Registration Certificate and Certified Export Pedigree (issued by PCCI recognized registering bodies) Also submit the necessary supporting documents:

  • 3" x 5" Colored pictures of the dog (front view & side view);
  • Import Permit issued by the Bureau of Animal Industry;
  • Airway Bill from the carrier Airline or if accompanied by passenger, excess baggage ticket..

2.. Pay the processing fee of P5,000.00. If the owner is not yet a member, fill-up the Associate Membership Application Form and pay the membership fee broken down as follows:

a) Membership Fee - 336.00
b) Admission Fee - 392.00
c) PCCI ID Card - 150.00

3. If new membership is applied between the month of October to December of each year, the following fee shall apply:

a) Membership Fee (current year) - Php 75.00
b) Advance membership renewal for the succeeding year (required) - Php336.00
c) Admission Fee - Php 392.00
d) PCCI Plastic ID card - Php   150.00

4. Submit photocopy of your Identification Card and two (2) pieces 1" x 1" ID picture for your PCCI membership ID

5. Dog must have Tattoo or Microchip Identification.

Similar to Case 1 - Locally Bred Dogs above, the documents and payments may be brought to the PCCI office or sent through courier companies or the post office.

Case 3 - For Unregistered Dogs (without registration document)

All breeds that are recognized by any of the recognized Kennel Clubs of the Philippine Canine Club, Inc.

  1. The owner must fill-up the Application for Breed Listing Form.
  2. PCCI will schedule the inspection of the dog for evaluation by a judge who is licensed for the breed. (Inspection may be done at the PCCI or PCCI sanctioned dog shows)
  3. The Licensed Judge may approve or disapprove the application
  4. If the application is approved, the dog will be required to have either TATOO or MICROCHIP identification.
  5. The listing fee is only Php500.00 plus VAT (owner must apply to become a PCCI member if not yet a member).
  6. The dog will then be issued with a PCCI LISTING CERTIFICATE.
  7. The 2nd Generation of the listed dog should be mated only to a PCCI registered dog.
  1. The Fourth Generation of the listed dog will get full registration and will be entered/recorded in the PCCI studbook.
  2. Your unregistered dog may be used as a foundation of your breeding program.
  3. PCCI will be able to maintain a database of the listed breeds including:
  • Breeding Records
  • Stud Records
  • Transfer of Ownership History
  • Microchip Identification Numbers & Tattoo Numbers
  • PCCI can generate a pedigree history of the listed breeds which is an essential data to develop and improve your breeding program.
  • Listed Dogs can participate in Performance events like Agility, Obedience Trials, Flyball and other non-traditional dog sport activities