The Philippine Canine Club, Inc. was organized on March 21, 1963, as a non-stock, non-profit service-oriented corporation for the purpose of promoting and encouraging the love for pure-bred dogs. The Club's charter extends until the year 2038 and authorizes PCCI to maintain a registry of pure-bred dogs or stud books and to conduct dog shows and competitions.

In addition to the studbooks, PCCI maintains a registry of regular and associate members, and of litters and kennel names. PCCI issues registration certificates and certified pedigree certificates of dogs and confers championship titles, obedience and field trial titles to qualified dogs. PCCI issues dog show judging licenses to qualified members for individual breeds, groups of breeds and all breeds of pure-bred dogs.

As a federal member of the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI), an international organization of registering bodies based in Brussels, Belgium, PCCI is the only accredited registering body in the Philippines for purebred dogs. PCCI documents are recognized by the national registry organizations in all FCI-member countries, in the United States, by the American Kennel Club, in Canada by the Canadian Kennel Club and in the United Kingdom by the Kennel Club. PCCI is also a member of the FCI Asia, Africa & Oceania Section.