Apply for Litter Registration


There are a number of conditions that need to be met before a breeder should consider registering a litter that he has produced.  The conditions are as follows: 

a. The bitch should be at least eight (8) months and not more than ten (10) years old at the time of mating. She should be PCCI registered.

b.  The stud dog or sire should be at least eight (8) months and not more than 12 years old at the time of mating  He should be PCCI registered.

c.  The breeder is up to date with his kennel name registration.  He, together with the litter owner and stud owner must be paid up members in good standing with the PCCI.

d.  The kennel name affix should be unique and not similar or identical to any other local or foreign affix.  It should not in any way be misleading.

Once these conditions are met, the breeder should do the following steps:

1.  Secure a Litter Registration Form from the PCCI office or download it from this website.

2.  Select names for the puppies that will be registered.  The following conditions must be considered in naming puppies:

a. Names of dogs submitted for registration shall not contain more than twenty-seven (27) letters and spaces including the breeder's kennel affix.


c.  No obscene names may be used.

d.  The use of numbers is not permitted.

e.  A name once registered may not be used again for another dog within the same breed or variety.

f.  Once a name has been submitted and registered, it shall not be altered in any way.

 3.  Complete the application form and submit/ send the document together with the required payment to the PCCI office.  

The applicable fees are:

a.  Litter Registration                    PhP 560.00

b.  Per Puppy Registration             PhP 414.00

c.  Penalty fees (late litter registration)